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A dental bridge is a natural-looking, long-lasting and durable replacement for a lost tooth.

A traditional bridge is held in place by a dental crown on one or both of the adjacent teeth. A resin bridge is held in place by a wing cemented on to a neighbouring tooth. It is used to ‘bridge’ the gap left behind by one or more teeth that have been lost or extracted.

Dental bridges help you to eat and chew normally, restore the cosmetic appearance of your teeth and prevent your other natural teeth from moving out of place.

A bridge can be made from metal or porcelain; however, our patients often choose the latter as this looks and feels just like a natural tooth.

Dental bridges are made specifically for you. Your Mumbles Suite Dentist will take moulds of your teeth so that our laboratory can build a bespoke prosthetic replacement as well as dental crowns for the adjacent teeth.

We will ensure your new dental restorations fit tightly and feel natural, so your smile is back to its natural best.

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