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Composite Bonding

For patients unhappy with their crooked or discoloured front teeth, composite bonding provides a quick, quality fix for one tooth or a few teeth. Patients can have a more confident smile in just one visit.

Dentists apply a coloured composite resin to restore or improve the appearance of the teeth. Moreover, without the need for drilling or filling, existing teeth remain untouched, and the procedure is a low-risk option. It doesn’t damage the underlying tooth.

Unlike veneers, which are created in a laboratory, dentists complete composite bonding in the clinic and anaesthesia is not required.

Composite bonding is a great option for restoring decayed, chipped or cracked teeth. And, for patients wanting to close gaps and spaces, give teeth a longer appearance or change the shape of teeth, this procedure offers an easy, comfortable, and low-cost solution.

If you’re looking for a whiter, straighter smile, composite bonding gives noticeable results using an effective and safe dental procedure.

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