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Dental Hygienist

Clean and healthy teeth and gums are important for your oral health as well as your general health and wellbeing.

Poor oral hygiene causes many problems, and not just with your teeth. Research has shown a link between the health of your gums and your general health – so ensuring your mouth is clean and bacteria-free is extremely important.

Visiting our hygienists will help you in the journey towards a healthier mouth, cleaner teeth and gums.

Our hygienists are trained to clean and polish your teeth, keep an eye on problem areas and to ensure your gums are disease free. In addition, they can offer you advice around how to look after your teeth at home, dietary advice and smoking cessation tips. They also work in partnership with parents to help look after your children’s teeth.

We recommend visiting our hygienists at least once every six months, so you can enjoy fresh breath and healthy teeth all year round.

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