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Endodontics is a school of dentistry focused on treating the internal structures of the teeth.

The centre of a tooth contains soft tissue or dental pulp, which is made up of dental nerves and blood vessels. When this area becomes infected, patients can experience heightened sensitivity, dental pain and general discomfort.

Treating this type of infection requires root canal therapy – a delicate and time-consuming treatment which our dentists are pleased to be able to offer patients.

The inside of a tooth can become vulnerable to infection or disease if the outer layer of the tooth (called the enamel) has broken or decayed, or if the tooth has been previously been heavily treated with large fillings or a crown.


If you require root canal therapy, this may be carried out over two to three appointments to ensure that we remove all of the infection.

The top section of the tooth will be removed so the dentist can access the inside of the tooth. They will then use very fine dental files to remove the infection and apply a disinfectant solution to clean out any residual bacteria. Once the treatment is completed, a dental crown may be fixed to the affected tooth, making it stronger and protecting you from further internal infection.

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