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White Fillings

Dental decay is the prime cause of poor oral health, weakened teeth and cavities. As well as adopting a preventative approach to tackle dental decay, we also offer natural and subtle treatments to correct the problems caused by decay.

When cavities or holes form in the dental enamel, it is essential they are ‘filled’ to prevent the risk of further damage. White fillings offer patients important treatment which has the added benefit of being completely undetectable.

Unlike traditional metallic fillings, white fillings have been designed to blend in with your natural teeth. Not only is your tooth protected from further damage, its appearance is completely unaffected by the application of the filling.

White fillings are made of ceramic material. Depending on the extent of dental damage, your dentist may be able to apply the filling and mould it to your teeth, or if necessary, a pre-made filling will be applied to your teeth once it has been built by our laboratory.

We can also replace old silver or metal fillings with white fillings, immediately improving the appearance of your teeth.

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