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Teeth Whitening

Over time, your teeth can change colour, becoming discoloured or lose their natural brightness.

You can put the sparkle back into your smile with our teeth whitening treatments that are proven to brighten and lighten your teeth by several shades.

At Mumbles Dental Suite, we offer the latest whitening treatments, so you can enjoy whiter teeth at your own convenience.

Our dentists will provide advice and guidance before and during the treatment to ensure you carry out the process safely and achieve the best results.

Teeth can change colour for a number of reasons; from general changes due to age, acid wear, staining that has built up over time or discolouration due to lifestyle choices such as smoking.

We offer home-based whitening treatments and Enlighten’s Evolution treatment which is a combination of home-based and in-surgery treatment. We also provide White Dental Beauty and Boutique whitening treatments to tackle dull and discoloured teeth.

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