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Periodontics is a school of dentistry concerned with treating the gums and jaw bone. These structures support your teeth and are essential to your general oral health.

Gum disease occurs in two stages. The first is called gingivitis and is an extremely common oral disease, affecting both adults and children. It is normally indicated by redness of the gums, swelling and bleeding after brushing or flossing. It can usually be treated at home.

When gum disease is left untreated, you risk developing periodontitis – an advanced form of gum disease.

Periodontitis requires attention from a dental profession as it can lead to the loss of your teeth and the deterioration of your jaw bone.

Signs and symptoms of periodontitis include:

  • Tenderness of gums
  • Gums receding from teeth
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Loosening of teeth
  • Pus collecting between the teeth and gums

We offer a range of advanced periodontal treatments and are committed to keeping your gums as healthy as possible. We will work in partnership with you to keep your teeth and gums clean.

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