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Tooth Extraction

Your teeth are precious, so we do all we can to protect and care for them. Sometimes, however, your natural teeth may need to be extracted.

Tooth extraction is a necessary and important dental procedure which can be carried out quickly and comfortably at our practice.

There are many reasons your teeth might need to be extracted. It may be because a tooth has deteriorated due to decay and has been damaged beyond repair, or that a wisdom tooth has become impacted and needs removal. Another common reason teeth are extracted is to make more room in the mouth prior to orthodontic treatment.

Typically, teeth are extracted under local anaesthetic, however, patients who experience anxiety or are very nervous can request deeper sedation. This can be arranged via a referral to a specialist oral surgeon at closely-linked practice.

Once the procedure has been carried out, your dentist will provide aftercare advice and recommend the most suitable painkillers just in case you need them.

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